hypanis.ru Tips for Proper Shoe Care during Cold, Winter Weather

Is Old Man Winter Not Nice to Your Shoes? : How to Prevent the Elements of the Season From Ruining Your Shoes.

3b4f182560c5f40f816153317343c7e4jqThe Weatherman is calling for Snow, Freezing Rain, and Zero Degree Winter Temperatures. Are Your Shoes Ready and Protected from inclement weather?  When investing in good supportive footwear it’s worth spending a little more on good shoe care product to protect your shoes from the winter elements.  Whether it is a snow storm or getting caught in a downpour, mud or salt  on your shoes, there are a few things to know when you are taking care of your shoes and boots.   

Proper shoe care starts from the very beginning, and is the key to extended wear for your new shoes. At The Right Shoe we have shoe care products for your footwear investment. Whether your new shoes have a suede or nubuck finish or a smooth leather finish we have you covered with  Ralyn Shoe Care products. Ralyn Shoe Care  product line carries a Suede and  Nubuck cleaner, Nubuck kit (eraser bar and brush) , Athletic Shoe Shampoo, and a  Leather Lotion cleaner for smooth leather.  You always want to protect your shoes from the start and take care of them with quality415_2bly343pl-_sl1500_jq products.a__42941-1448986511-1000-1000jq

 As you venture out and about this winter it’s important to know what to do if you get your shoes wet.  If you ever get stuck in a downpour, it’s always good to have on hand newspaper to put in your shoes to help absorb the moisture from inside the shoes.  To prevent permanent damage and cracking to leather when drying your shoes or boots, DO NOT put them by a direct heating source. It is also important to invest in a pair of Shoe Trees and to use them before your shoe is entirely dry to keep their form.  You only need to use the Shoe Tree for only 1-2 hours to ensure the shape of your boots or shoes.  Don’t Worry , you do not need a pair of Shoe Trees for every pair of shoes you own.  


Plan Ahead!!

Always check the Forecast before you go out especially if your favorite pair of shoes or boots are Suede. Just to mention Rain and Winter weather do not mix well with Suede so keep your Suede shoes at home.  For the Care of Suede use a Suede eraser  to rub away any blemishes and to  restore the nap. 

Salt, and more Salt comes with the anticipation of the Cold Winter months. There is no better way to prepare for Old Man Winter than to make sure you waterproof and winterize your shoes. In case you are in a bind and Salt tries to make its mark on your shoes,  a good remedy is a little vinegar and water used sparingly to get rid of  road -salt . So whatever lies ahead of your path this Winter take a little time to purchase a good product to protect your  investment this season.

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