hypanis.ru Some thoughts from Ashley on celebrities' shoe choices

Some thoughts from Ashley on celebrities’ shoe choices

As a new employee to the retail shoe industry, I can’t help but to look down to see what shoes people and celebrities are wearing these days. I am overwhelmed by all the poorly supported and uncomfortable looking shoes that are out on the market today. Celebrities seem to be the number one culprit to this and you know consumers today look to celebrities for style inspiration. I do understand consumers and celebrities like to make a statement and keep up with the current trends of the designers. However high stilettos, platform shoes, and incorrect shoe sizes are most likely to blame for why women are four times more likely to develop foot problems than men. Some of the common foot problems they may come across would be heel pain and plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, ankle sprains, lower back pain, stress fractures, hammertoes and bunions just to name a few. Is wearing these fashionable shoes really worth all these risks?

Lady Gaga basically lives in these sky high heelless platforms and she has already face planted in courtesy of wearing them. However that hasn’t stopped her, as you can clearly see she is putting so much pressure on her forefoot, and the back of her ankle while wearing these shoes. There is greater imbalance to your body creating a better chance for you to have significant pain or damage to your hips lower back, knees, and or spine. Lady Gaga just recently had hip surgery to mend her broken hip, and she almost needed a full hip replacement. Could this have happened because of her improper shoe wear? To me these heelless styles of shoes are an accident waiting to happen. I’m sure you have seen everyday consumers or celebrities sporting these horrible plat-formed heels. High heels get a lot of attention for being associated with high injury ratings. As fashionable as they may be, they are known for putting intense pressure on the ball of your foot and base of your toes. High heels are also changing the angle of your stance and the way that you walk forcing you to sway your hips and curve your back more than usual. Although walking in these sorts of shoes may look good from a far, they can cause unsightly hammertoes, toe deformities, lower back or knee pain, ankle sprains, and bunions. Bunions can require corrective surgery, which Victoria Beckham had to undergo this year due to years of wearing towering heels. To avoid the same mistakes as these celebrities please look for a heel no more than 2-2 1/2” high, one with a wider toe box and thicker heel, and one that’s going to give you better cushioned arch support.

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