hypanis.ru The Right Shoe in a Steel Toe for Starbucks Roasting Plant in York

The Right Shoe in a Steel Toe for Starbucks?

Comfort Meets Safety

Ashley and I had the opportunity to participate in a wellness fair for the employees of the Starbucks Roasting Plant in York, PA. The event was organized and hosted by Starbucks in an effort to raise awareness and educate their employees on ways to improve their health and wellness. Alongside of Martin Foot and Ankle, who was there to focus on foot and leg health, we educated their partners on the importance of choosing the proper footwear especially for work.

Using the iStep we were able to provide insight to their foot types, show pressure points(which can cause pain and discomfort), and identify shoes and inserts which may provide better support and more comfort.

Josh, from CAT footwear, was able to join us to help educate on the features and benefits of select styles of steel toe work shoes and boots from CAT which feature technologies to promote proper foot function and comfort. The response was FANTASTIC to say the least!! It was great to be a part of this event; I enjoyed the opportunity to educate their partners on some things that may provide more comfort for them while at work as well as outside of work. So often I hear people comment on not wanting to spend a lot or put much thought into their work shoe selection giving the reason “I am only wearing them to work.” I ask this: “What shoes do you own that you wear MORE than your work shoes?”


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