Do nice shoes always have to hurt?

  Do your nice shoes always have to hurt? I came across this question online in a shoe forum and the replies made me a bit sad. Most people were telling this poor woman “no pain no gain”, we sacrifice for beauty. I honestly and wholeheartedly disagree. The real answer to her question is no, Nice shoes don’t have to hurt you. With the proper fit and style for your specific foot, … [Read more...]

Amazing People, Amazing Feet

Our feet are truly remarkable, they keep us going every step of the way. The average person walks about 100,000 steps in a lifetime. Just a day of walking is said to put the total forces of a couple tons on your feet! Feet are complex,  ¼ of all the bones in our body are found in our feet. From walking to running, skipping and jumping, our feet take us amazing places. For some, their feet not … [Read more...]

Dansko Martina VS KLOGS Vista

Fall Fashion Showdown A lot of excitement is in the air with Back to School traditions, so head back into fall where Comfort meets Fashion at The Right Shoe with KLOGS and Dansko.  The Martina is featured in the Marion collection by Dansko making its debut in the Red, and Black Antique oiled leather. Martina is a backless Mary Jane style that will transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. … [Read more...]

Barefoot and Pregnant? Think Again!

Everyone knows that a woman’s body goes through many physical changes during pregnancy, but most people don’t think about the changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s feet. If more women were aware of how pregnancy can affect their feet then they would end up more comfortable throughout their pregnancy and especially towards the end when swelling is more prevalent. Being 39 weeks pregnant I … [Read more...]

Venus vs Tide

Summer is here and that means it's flip flop season once again! The weather is warming up and more toes are coming out. People are starting to get out more and more, soaking up  the vitamin D. Outside activities increase significantly in the summer, and so does the demand for supportive and stylish footwear. Technology is constantly changing, evolving, getting better, and so is the world of … [Read more...]

Laurie VS Naya

Summer Days would not be complete at The Right Shoe without Aertex and Vionic. Introducing the Naya and the Laurie. Naya by Aertex, featuring the “Healthy 3”, is a quarter strap wedge sandal with a braided strap and a cork midsole for all-day comfort. Laurie by Vionic, a buckled strap across the vamp and ankle, is a timeless classic for summer with a sun dress or slacks is the quintessential … [Read more...]

Gerrit VS Largo

Adventure back into spring with Vionic and Aetrex for Men at The Right Shoe where comfort meets function in a sandal.   Hit the trails with Vionic’s Gerrit and Aertex’s Largo design and technology.  The Gerrit by Vionic with Orthaheel Technology supports natural alignment with a firm yet flexible midsole and a bio-mechanical foot bed for support.  The Largo sandal by Aetrex is approved by the … [Read more...]

Spring Sandals: Aetrex Jillian VS Vionic Lennox

Jillian from Aetrex is a great cushion comfort quarter strap sandal that you can wear all day long. This cork soled sandal offers a nice memory foam footbed with a built-in arch that keeps you supported. Aetrex offers a unique arch support that hits further back to push on the bones that actually make up the arch to help naturally align your feet and alleviate pain. This gorgeous sandal also … [Read more...]

Introducing Our Two New Early Spring Styles        

  Spring back into comfort with our vibrant Vionic line for spring at The Right Shoe. For spring, Fyn by Vionic is featured in Grey Yellow, Black and Cobalt.  Fyn offers a firm, flexible, removable, jersey-covered EVA orthotic insert with an EVA midsole for added stability and advanced motion technology.  With a ray of colors to choose from and advanced technology in the Fyn you will have a … [Read more...]

Red Carpet: Fashion vs Comfort

  Celebrity icons can be pretty influential. Whether it be politics, hairstyles, or fashion; celebrities tend to be trend setters. With all this influence on society it is alarming to see award show after award show with women cramming their feet into these minimally supportive, extra high heels.  After watching the Oscars on Sunday night and listening to the after show interviews it is … [Read more...]