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Pain, pain go away, don’t come back another day! Foot pain affects about 75% of the adult population in the U.S. YES, three quarters of the adult population! That is huge! The fact that the average adult takes up to 9000 (or more) steps a day has a little to do with it, but the real culprit are the shoes. In third world countries where people are forced to no shoes or barely anything, and only about 3% of people experience foot problems. And of that 3% the majority of issues are wound related problems due to stepping on or injuring the foot. Other than that, their feet are structurally sound no bunions or hammertoes for them. But of course we need shoes to protect our feet from outside dangers, and there lies the dilemma. Most shoes today don’t take into account foot health or just plain common sense. Women are four times as likely to develop foot problems; high heels and other restricting footwear are to blame. People don’t have to wear them, but they choose to anyway. If your feet start hurting changing shoes is always a good first step. A little foot pain isn’t always something serious, actually the opposite. Many times, foot pain can be taken care of by changing shoes or wearing orthotics.
Here are 3 quick tips when looking for shoes to help prevent foot pain.
• Round toe box. This will give your toes room to spread out more naturally and not constrict you toes. Constricting and squeezing your toes can cause bunions, neuromas, and other foot aliments.
• Measure your feet length and width. Most people actually wear the wrong size. As we get older our feet become a little longer and wider, and most people stop getting their feet measured after their 20’s. Ill-fitting shoes is a very common cause of foot pain.
• Function, Function, Function. Making sure you have the right shoe for the specific activity is the key. You should be wearing running shoes for running, not your walking or casual shoes. Every shoe has a purpose whether it’s to make you look good, feel comfy, or for a physical activity. You want to make sure you are utilizing your shoes for their designed function.

If you are already suffering from foot pain click on the link to our nifty foot pain identifier that will give you some problems and suggestions to help them. At The Right Shoe we see many patients of Martin Foot and Ankle every day. We see the bunions, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, and more! We are here to help and offer many styles that can help alleviate pain and help you feel better. It is important that everyone who walks in has a great experience and leaves with an amazing shoe. Stop in today for our complementary shoe fitting to help you find The Right Shoe!

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