What The Sticker On Your Shoe Means

Have you ever seen this sticker on a shoe, and were unsure of its meaning?

shoe sticker

The shoe label will provide you with all the information for the materials used to construct your shoe. There should be two labels on your shoes; the first label tells you the origin of the manufacturing. This label is a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Bureau of customs and Border Protection. The second label is a breakdown of the construction of the shoe. The shoe label is divided into two columns and each column has three categories. The left column is the three parts of the shoe and the right column shows the materials used for the part. Below we have taken this label and broken down the categories and provided the definitions.

Parts of the Shoe (Left Column)

upperThis is the part of the shoe that you are initially attracted to, the part that you can see.



liningThis is the inside of the shoe, the part that provides you with the comfort and support that you desire.



outerThis is the bottom of the shoe, which will show on the bottom part of the shoe but the main function is to protect your foot from the ground below.



Materials Used (Right Column)

leatherLeather: This is the hide or skin from an animal that has been put through a process called tanning. There are many types of leather.



coated leatherCoated Leather: This is one of the processes of treating leather; basically the leather is coated with one of a variety of products for the desired look.


textileTextile: This means fabric, the list is endless. This is one of the symbols the vegans, vegetarians and eco-friendly consumers look for because it means all natural or man-made materials are used for the construction.


otherOther Materials: This is still man-made materials just a little different because these materials usually refer to the sole of the shoe. The most common of these materials are Thermoplastic Rubber, PVC, Rubber Compounds, Crepe, and Composition. All of these materials are friendly for the Vegan, Vegetarian and
Eco-Friendly consumer.



  1. I expect my shoes upper portion should be of sticker type and not lace, so that wearing the shoes will be faster. Do you have such products? Please reply to my email id: sgk063@yahoo.com. than you

  2. We carry a few styles that offer a Velcro strap to make putting on shoes faster. We also sell a stretchy “bungee” lacing system that is a lot faster as well, but gives you the look of laces.


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