Treat your feet for the New Year…

The anticipated or perhaps dreaded New Year’s resolution takes center stage this time of the year. While many people do not succeed in keeping them, keep yourself motivated to make sure that you do succeed in completion is key. Specific manageable goals with easy steps forward are highly achievable resolutions and are not impossible to complete. This year why not resolve in taking care of your feet and be comfortable while doing so. Investing and taking care of your body isn’t and doesn’t have to be hard, so many conditions can be taken care of quickly and easily if you address them before they get out of control.

Your feet are very important parts of your body that help transport your body and carry your weight. There are many ways to promote healthy feet, if these steps are followed regularly you can ensure a healthier and more comfortable year. Examine your feet daily, especially if you have medical conditions that may affect them. Note any changes such as change in color, appearance or texture, contact your doctor if you notice something concerning. Maintain a constant and regular regimen: wash and dry your feet, trim your toenails, replenish moisture with lotion and avoid fungal and bacterial infections while in the shower or locker rooms. Purchase shoes that fit your feet, do not wear shoes that are too tight or shoes that are too big, this can result in unwanted foot issues. Refrain from wearing high heels or shoes that restrict natural movements of your feet. Condition your feet with a daily walk, however ensure you are wearing supportive shoes. Contact a doctor if you are experiencing any foot pain.

Whatever you do don’t ignore it or treat the problems yourself, because you may aggravate the problem or by neglecting it you could be making it worse. Your New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be impossible to keep. Investing in proper shoe gear and your feet can set you on a path for improved comfort and health for the rest of the year. Treat your feet right this holiday season with a trip into The Right Shoe, and our professional staff will ensure great comfort, support and proper shoe size to start the year out right!!

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