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7 Foot Care Tips

7 Foot Care Tips for Happy Feet

from theLoResTRSlogo11.  Foot pain isn’t normal

Did you know that 75% of Americans experience foot pain/problems in their life, and most people just “live with it”? Your feet should mirror your health, and most problems and pain can be easily relieved or prevented. Proper fitting shoes and support (orthotic inserts) can make all the difference in how your foot feels. If a change of shoe or Inserts aren’t helping, going to a specialized foot doctor is a good idea.

2.  Inspect your feet regularly

Early detection of any foot problem is always the best thing when combating foot pain. Inspect your feet regularly; look for any changes in color and temperature. Also pay attention to any changes in your toe nails such as thickening or color changes (a sign of fungus). Be sure to watch for cuts, cracks, or peeling of your skin, which could be caused by athlete’s foot. Also remember that no growth on your foot is normal, if you notice anything of that nature call and set up an appointment with a podiatrist.

3.  Keep your feet clean and dry

Make sure to wash your feet every day and dry them, especially in between the toes. Moisture is a breeding ground for fungus and athlete’s foot, as well as other bacteria.

4.  Trim those nails

Trim your toenails straight across, but not too short. Cutting the nails in the corner or too close to the sides can lead to ingrown toenails, and can be very painful. For people with diabetes we advise to not care for your own feet personally because of the high risk for infection.

5.  Socks are important too

Damp and dark conditions promote the growth of fungi, bacteria, and odor. Buying socks with copper fibers, such as Copper Sole socks from Aetrex (available at our stores), have been clinically proven to eliminate these common issues and also help improve the look and texture of your skin.

6. Getting ready for bedtime

Nighttime care is good preventive maintenance for your feet. After you are on your feet all day, it really helps to give your feet some lovin’. A good foot cream or nourishing gel will help keep the skin on your foot from getting dry and cracked. Massaging and kneading your feet help with blood circulation and swelling. Another good practice for bedtime is foot, ankle, and calf stretches. This helps prevent tightness that can cause pain and other problems.

7.  Buy shoes that fit your specific needs and unique foot

There is not one type of “normal” foot. Everyone has different feet, some with higher arches, and some that are flat. We see wide feet, thin feet, small feet, and long feet. Make sure to buy a shoe that accommodates your foot type. At our stores, we scan your feet with i-Step technology. This gives us a digital imprint of your foot, which shows arch type, size, pressure points on your foot, and much more. Another thing you need to pay attention to is what you’re going to be using the shoe for. For example, running shoes are a must for running, with the extra shock asorbtion they offer to help your foot absorb the impact and trama of the running. It is also important to alternate shoes on a daily basis. It isn’t a good idea to wear the same shoe everyday. We offer a selection of shoes for your various activities and escapades and we will guide you through our 6-step process to ensure you find The Right Shoe.

The feet are the foundation of your whole body, if they aren’t happy, you aren’t happy!


  1. Thank you for the help. I had to go to a foot doctor a few times because I had plantar fasciitis and now I am more determined to take good care of my feet. I had not realized how important it is to get shoes that meet my specific needs. Where do you go to find shoes that help my feet specifically?

    • Hi Justin,

      That is a pretty loaded question. I would start with shoe stores that carry brands that we carry at our stores such as Dansko, Vionic, Rockport, and Aetrex for casual and dress shoes. Look to your better running/sporting goods/outdoor stores for brands such as Asics, New Balance, and Merrell for athletic/recreational shoes. If you are under the care of a podiatrist I would discuss with them a “type” of shoe for your foot type (neutral, stability, or motion control), and then go from there. If you are using orthotic inserts ALWAYS be sure to take them when shopping for new shoes to ensure the proper fit. Hope this helps!


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