The 6 Steps to Finding the Right Shoe

  1. Step Up!

    • Scan feet using the iStep to get a digital impression which shows FOOT size including length, width, and arch type. Also shows areas of high pressure which can cause discomfort and pain.
  2. What Are You Doing?

    • Determine the activities for which the shoes will be used including the frequency and duration of wear.
  3. Foot Health!

    • Review any medical conditions or concerns regarding foot health, comfort, and function.
  4. Any Extras?

    • Consider any “extras” being put in the shoe, such as over-the-counter or prescribed orthotics, inserts, lifts, pads, or braces.
  5. What Do You Like?

    • Look at shoes that fit your personal style; consider your wardrobe, time of year, and most importantly something you WANT to wear. After all, having The Right Shoe does you no good if you don’t want to wear it!
  6. Try Them On!

    • Try on multiple styles in different sizes to be sure of perfect fit. Remember: Not all shoe styles fit the same. You may need a 7 in one style but a 7½ in another. ALWAYS TRY ON BOTH SHOES!