Industrial/Occupational Programs

Comfort Meets Safety

When you think about a shoe “wardrobe,” which shoes are worn the most? For many it is that ONE pair they wear up to 50 hours (sometimes more) each week…WORK SHOES!!  

We know that when feet hurt at work it can negatively affect attitude, energy, and productivity, which can continue even AFTER the work day is over. This is why helping to choose “TheRight Shoe” for work is important to us!

Here are some ways we help:

  • Our staff is not only fully trained on our entire shoe line, they also receive initial and ongoing FOOT TRAINING by shadowing the podiatrists and physical therapists of Martin Foot and Ankle. This allows our team to have a better working knowledge of how the foot functions and how to better accommodate various shoe fitting concerns.
  • Everyone who visits our store receives ONE-on-ONE SERVICE to ensure proper sizing, recommendations on styles which may be better suited for a specific job function, and still be in compliance with the company’s safety requirements.
  • ALL of our shoes, including our work shoes and boots, are carefully chosen to provide support, comfort, promote PROPER FOOT FUNCTION, AND are recommended by the podiatrists of Martin Foot and Ankle.
  • By not being a “national chain” we have the flexibility to tailor our selection to meet specific needs companies have, and provide more options which are FOOT HEALTHY.
  • We PROVIDE EDUCATION on the different types of shoe gear and the importance of choosing the proper shoes and inserts (if applicable) for one’s foot type – we have also done this by participating in various “wellness fairs” hosted by companies for their employees.
  • We are able to WORK WITH COMPANIES which offer programs to help their employees cover the cost of their work shoes.

If you would like more information about your company partnering with The Right Shoe for employee work shoe programs contact us.