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Black Friday signifies the count down to the most joyous time of the season. The time of year where we make memories with our family and friends and reflect upon the past year.  It’s that time of year we think of the meaningful people in our lives and go shopping for our friends and family.  Here are some trivial facts about Black Friday that you can impress your friends and family during the holiday season.

The term “Black Friday” was first used back  when the stock market crashed back in the 1800s.   Another fact about Black Friday on the books arrived  when Philadelphia police officers where “frustrated” about the  congestion of traffic on the day after Thanksgiving and started to refer to the day as “Black” Friday.  However,  it was only  until the mid -1990s , that the day after thanksgiving  became wide-spread and known as  Black Friday .  Taking part of this American Shopping Tradition, Black Friday, has become international  with Canada, and Mexico joining in of the deals of retailers.  Even though Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving one month earlier than Americans,  Canadian retailers have begun their own Black Friday event.  In Mexico, El Buen Fin, translated as ” the good weekend”, which as the name suggest is celebrated all weekend with retailer’s sweet deals.

As we prepare for all the festivities and celebration for the holiday season and  go store to store I always remember to wear my favorite pair of shoes to shop in style. Some of my favorite shoe companies are Dansko, V ionic, Earth and Aetrex, that you could find at The Right Shoe.   As you go to your favorite shops do not forget to support your favorite small business during the holiday season.



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