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Comfort Meets Summer Fun

After this winter I am sure we are all excited for the warmer weather. Cook outs, trips to the beach, days by the pool, and of course SANDALS!! As summer heats up, most people spend more and more time wearing less and less on their feet as they indulge in in their favorite summer activities. In many cases they will choose a pair of “flip-flops” not giving much thought beyond the length to make sure the size is ok and what color they like.

Unfortunately, for many people this often ends up being a pain in the foot.

It is important to think about how your feet will react when you make the switch to sandals. There is the obvious change in the support around our foot and the risk of injury due to exposed skin when we switch to sandals. The bigger change often comes from an area commonly overlooked when choosing a pair of sandals and that is the part of the sandal under your foot.

Due to their minimalist design, and ease of manufacture it is not uncommon to see sandals and flip-flops readily available for as little as a few dollars. Unfortunately, you can often end up with sandals which offer little to no cushioning or support to help your feet function properly. This sudden change can lead to a variety of conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, which often manifests as heel pain which can range from moderately annoying to excruciatingly painful.
Tide Collection One simple thing you can do to help reduce the chances of problems as you transition into sandals for the summer is consider the cushioning and support your foot will receive from the footbed. The good news is, although there are a plethora of options which may not offer support, there are many brands and styles which will offer cushioning, arch support even a full orthotic as part of the midsole and footbed. What?? That’s right even if you generally wear an orthotic; there are various options which can provide exceptional orthotic support…even in a “flip-flop” such as the Tide II from Vionic which features Orthaheel technology.

Comfort meets Summer Fun at The Right Shoe where ALL of our shoes, including sandals, have features which promote proper foot function and health. We offer an expansive selection of sandals for men and women from several different brands. Stop in today, and let us help you be sure you a wearing The Right Shoe to enjoy your summer.

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