hypanis.ru Dr. Yorgason was tellng me about the chilean miners and athletes foot

Dr. Yorgason was telling me the other day…

Dr. Yorgason was telling me the other day about the Chilean Miners and how some of them developed issues with athletes foot during their entrapment. The 33 miners were trapped 2300 feet underground for a record 69 days, in warm, humid conditions. He proceeded to tell me about how bacteria and fungi thrive in such conditions. Of the 33 miners, 19 were having issues with athletes foot. He found it intriguing that after an over the counter anti-fungal treatment didn’t help, the miners were given copper socks. At the end, when they were finally recovered, only 3 of the 19 still had the athletes’ foot.

Copper, which inherently creates an environment that helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, was incorporated into socks using copper ion technology developed by Cupron. This technology is featured in the entire line of copper sole socks from Aetrex which we offer at The Right Shoe.

Dr. Yorgason says “This is purely an anecdote, not a study. The athletes foot was not confirmed before the treatment. But, still, I think we will see future studies looking at the effectiveness of a copper environment against athlete’s foot, and maybe even toenail fungus.”

Since our conversation I have seen a dramatic increase in Dr. Yorgason’s patients coming to The Right Shoe looking for copper socks. If nothing else, I am sure they will notice the same difference in odor control I have noticed since wearing socks and inserts, from Aetrex using this same copper technology.

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