hypanis.ru Are your Feet Beach Ready?

Are your Feet Beach Ready?

Within the next few months millions of Americans will be hitting the beaches or lakes with their families and friends, but will forget about the dangers these places could cause your feet. So here are some feet tips to keep your feet safe so you can enjoy the sand and sun.

Protect your feet against cuts and punctures. Watch for sharp shells and broken glass in the sand. Obviously you will be safest if you wear shoes to protect your feet. However, if you do get cut, stay out of the water because bacteria in lakes and oceans can cause serious infections. Also be on the lookout for jellyfish that were washed up on the beach, they can still sting you if you would step on them. If their tentacles would stick to your foot, remove them while still trying to protect your hands from getting stung. Use vinegar or baking soda to reduce pain and swelling. Jelly fish stings should heal within a few days, but if they don’t, be sure to see a doctor.

Your feet also need sunscreen too; your feet are a place that is easily missed when you are applying sunscreen. Apply to both the tops and bottoms on your feet, rare but serious skin cancers can develop on your feet so please take necessary precautions.

We all love feeling the sand beneath our toes, however those sunny rays can make sand, sidewalks, and paved surfaces extremely hot. So don’t step out on those hot surfaces without wearing some kind of shoes to protect the soles of your feet from harsh burns.

People who have diabetes face serious foot safety risks at the beach. The disease can cause poor blood circulation and numbness in the feet. A person with diabetes may not feel if they were to get a cut from sea shell, a jellyfish sting, or burn from the sun. Any skin break has the potential to get infected and could ulcerate if it isn’t noticed right away. So I would suggest for you to always wear shoes to the beach and check your feet religiously for foreign objects or sores.

Walking on sand feels so great but believe it or not, that soft uneven surface increases your risk of injury if you are walking, jogging or playing sports on it. If you do have any injuries use ice, compreFun in the Waterssion and elevation to ease your pain or swelling. If your injury does not resolve in a few days, you should be examined by a podiatrist right away. Athletic shoes will give you more cushioning and support than your cheap sandals or flip flops and would be the better option to wear while being active. However, if you need or want supportive sandals or flip flops that will provide you with great arch support and all-day comfort while your vacationing, be sure to check out our awesome selection at The Right Shoe. We also have a great selection of lightweight athletic styles for better support and cushioning for your long walks on vacation.


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