hypanis.ru Fit Your Shoes Like You Would a Ski Boots

Fit Your Shoes Like You Would a Ski Boots

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While I was recently away for a conference in a ski town I overheard a lot of people being fitted for ski boots. I heard discussion on foot shape, foot type, the bed of the ski boot and what sort of insert would need to be in the boot to support the foot in its optimal position. These are exactly the conversations we should all be having with shoe professionals every time we are shoe shopping.

ski boot fit guideUnfortunately in the shoe world I mostly hear conversations about color, style and outfits to be worn with the shoes.  Shoe manufacturers are doing a better job at marrying style and function. Our mission with The Right Shoe is to offer shoes that look and feel good with staff who can advise on the best fit.  We should fit all shoes like ski boots – with an expectation that they will perform all day without hurting the feet they hold.


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