hypanis.ru Having Trouble with Fitting Orthotics in your Shoes??

Having Trouble with Fitting Orthotics in your Shoes??

Are you having issues fitting your custom or over the counter orthotic inserts into your shoes? At The Right Shoe, we have some great pointers and suggestions for the perfect fit! Over the counter or custom orthotics are not meant to fit in all shoes. The reality is that certain orthotic inserts are designed for certain types of shoes, and not all footwear will work with every type of custom or over the counter orthotic. Certain shoes may not be compatible with your orthotics or may tend to decrease their efficiency. It is important to remember the shoe connects the orthotic to the ground and if it is incorrect, the orthotics will not benefit you as they are intended.

Before putting orthotics in your shoes, remove all arch supports, rubber or felt additions from the shoes. You then should look for a removable insole so that your orthotic insert sits deeper and has a good solid base; this will also help your heel fit in the heel counter better and prevent further fit issues. If the original shoe insert is completely flat, you may put the orthotic on top of that insert if it does not make your shoe too tight.

If you find your orthotic creating your heel to slip in your shoes, please do not feel the need to buy a smaller size shoe. If your shoe is a lace up shoe there are a variety of different lacing techniques that can help minimize heel slippage and make your shoe fit and feel entirely different.

Also, be sure your shoes are in good condition and are not broken down. Shoes that are excessively worn will diminish the effectiveness of the orthotic. The orthotics and your feet must find a comfortable home in your shoes, if you neglect this you can inhibit or completely defeat the benefits of wearing the orthotic.

So bring your shoes and your new orthotics into one of The Right Shoe locations and our great shoe fitting experts will take great care to make sure that you are in the best shoe for your feet AND orthotics while addressing your other specific shoe needs and concerns.


  1. I wanted to thank you for this advice for having orthotics fit in your shoes. You mentioned that you should try to remove all additions from the shoes before you put them in. It sounds important to know what parts of the shoe you can easily remove so you get an idea of how your orthotics can fit in the shoe.

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