hypanis.ru Millions of people in the world are wearing the wrong size shoe and don’t even know it?

Millions of people in the world are wearing the wrong size shoe and don’t even know it?

So many people don’t realize that as you get older your foot can change in many different ways which can affect the size shoe you need for a proper fit. You should always re-evaluate your size when shopping for new shoes.  If you are trying on a new pair of shoes in the size you have always worn and they feel tight you may have to go up to the next half size or whole size.

Remember there is no one standard of shoe size in the shoe industry. While most sizes should remain consistent within a single brand, sizes between brands can vary up to one full size. Always try new shoes on both feet, because it is common that one foot may be larger than the other one. A shoe that is too small can cause more problems than one that gives you more wiggle room, when in doubt you should go larger rather than smaller.

Be sure to consider everything that needs to fit in the shoe IN ADDITION to your foot. If you use any type of orthotic, insert, or brace always have it available when trying on new shoes. Sock thickness can make a difference in the fit of shoes, so always wear or bring with you socks in the appropriate thickness that you would normally wear in the shoe style you will be trying on.

It is also best to try on shoes later in the day, because your feet can swell slightly during the day while you are most active. Give yourself 3/8” – ½” (about a fingers width) of room from the end of your longest toe to the end of the shoe. The ball of your foot should also sit at the widest part of the shoe where the shoe is designed to flex.  It is normal for your heel to move slightly in the shoe; however excessive heel slippage is a sign of improper fit.

If you follow these fit tips I am confident it will help you find the perfect sole mate for your feet.  If you are struggling with finding a shoe that is supportive AND comfortable, or you just simply want to be fitted for a more accurate shoe size and width contact The Right Shoe. Our professional staff incorporates a 6 step approach to shoe fitting to be sure you achieve the perfect balance of comfort, function, and style.

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