hypanis.ru Now I understand what all those women meant...

Now I understand what all those women meant…

When we opened The Right Shoe on March 1, 2013, our first customer was in need of a pair of supportive, yet comfortable running shoes. As a result, the very first pair of shoes we sold was a pair of the Women’s Edge Runners from Aetrex. Since then we have sold over 75 pair of them to women of all ages and activity levels, and so often when trying them on I would hear them say things such as:”These feel great” or “WOW, I’ll take these, can I wear them home?”.
About a week ago I was finally able to get this shoe in the stores for MEN, and as I always do with new shoe styles, I tried them on to see how they felt. Now I understand the reaction I had been getting from all those women about this shoe, they are soooo comfortable! They have a secure fit without without feeling constrictive, plenty of room in the toe box(I even dropped a half a size), they have excellent cushioning while providing noticeable support in all the right places.
I am not a runner, or even one who generally prefers to wear a running shoe, but these feel so good I find myself wanting to wear them on a regular basis! If you are looking for a supportive AND comfortable running shoe, I would encourage you to at least try on a pair of the Edge Runner from Aetrex. You can find more info on this shoe on the Men’s or Women’s Athletics pages of our website.

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