hypanis.ru Running your toenails off??

Running your toenails off??

There are some rather common misconceptions about running.  Some that even runners believe.   One is that you have to stretch before you run.  In fact, stretching cold muscles can cause injury.  Or how about the idea that running in the rain or cold will make you sick.  You are actually more likely to catch and spread germs indoors.  Another common misconception is that running will naturally be rough on your ankles, feet, and toe nails.  This misconception was embodied at a recent local road race where a sign could be seen urging runners to “run your toenails off.” 

The idea that running will be detrimental to your feet and toes is indeed common but need not be the case.  In many instances, the main cause of foot problems can be attributed to poorly fitting shoes.   Toenail damage in runners is often caused by the impact of the toes against the front of the shoe.  Running, especially downhill, causes your foot to slide forward into the front of the shoe.  This repeated impact can cause toe nail damage. 

A simple solution to this problem is to procure running shoes that have enough room in the toe box to accommodate this movement of the foot. A shoe with proper shock absorption can help with heel spurs.  A stability running shoe can help prevent over pronation.    Advances in podiatry and running shoe technology have supplied us with ample knowledge of foot conditions and how to prevent or reduce the effect of them with footwear.  Run into The Right Shoe for a consultation about the proper fit of running shoes and what type may be The Right Shoe for You.  You need not suffer from injured toenails as a result of your running shoes. 

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