Is Jack Frost Nipping at Your Toes ?

Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Dean Martin is one of my favorite lyrics for the holiday season.  Listening to  holiday classics like Jack Frost , Nat King Cole reminiscing about Chestnuts roasting on an open fire  always welcomes  the changing of  seasons.  So better get out the sweaters and  your favorite winter boots for all those sleigh rides this year.   While enjoying yourself with friends and family whether it’s skiing, sledding or just a innocent snow ball fight  while MOM is not looking.  There is no better  time to prepare and protect yourself from “Old Man Winter”.  


To better prepare yourself  for the winter season  Dr. Michael Younes , DPM, FACFAS, ATC  our Podiatrist from Martin Foot & Ankle discusses  how to take care of your feet and to prevent Frost Bite in the cold winter months in the January/February 16 issue of  Lancaster County Woman. Dr. Younes describes four different degrees of  frostbite and  recommends proper footwear and gloves with Gore -Tex lining  to prevent Frostbite during the winter months.  

As you bundle up remember to dress in layers and wear proper footwear for the cold winter months.  As winds start blowing these next couple of months it’s important to protect yourself from 1st degree frostbite also know as frostnip, it does not do permanent damage to skin, however basic first aid measures are necessary to treat 1st degree frostbite.  Second degree (Superficial Frostbite)  skin surfaces may appear mottled blue or purple after rewarming and blisters may appear after 24-36 hours.  Severe (deep) Frostbite – ( Third and Fourth degree Frostbite) may affect  all layers of the skin and underlying tissues and large blisters may appear in 24 –  48 hours.  It’s important to seek medical attention if these symptoms arises while out during the winter months.  

While out and about do not forget to dress in layers and wear proper footwear.  Some name brand you want to pay attention to is Timberland which has a Gore -Tex -like lining for the winter . Other brands are Merrell in the Jungle Moc and the Moab Rover that you can check out at The Right Shoe.    





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