Shoe Trends for Spring 2014

Now that our New Year’s resolutions are finally behind us, there is so much for you to look forward to with 2014 fashion trends. I have done a little research for you, so you can know what to expect when it comes to shoe trends for 2014. First and foremost I do solely believe for the first time in probably a long time that Comfort is going to be the new Chic this year! While investigating the upcoming trends I saw multiple photos of flat sandals being paired with suit and tuxedo pants, and even dressy evening gowns.  Are we finally not going to see uncomfortable sky high platforms and pointy toed heels?  I doubt it, BUT we may be on a BETTER COMFORT track this year. While you’ve been zipping up your winter boots, I’ve been looking forward to the upcoming shoe seasons. It has been difficult to narrow it down to one specific shoe trend, but here are a few trends you are sure to see throughout 2014.

First and foremost they say the color purple is the new “it” color as for it complements nearly every skin complexion, so you may see this color throughout the upcoming months ahead. As well as icy-toned blues giving a calm and serene feel to your wardrobe and a blazing bright yellow that instantly energizes you at first glance. Pumps are starting to become pointier once again, however LOWER HEELS deliver a new look for the upcoming seasons which your feet will be thankful for. Bold mesh, laser lace, dots, squares, bi colored uppers, black and white geometric designs, color blocking, and cut out patterns are amongst the most popular accents shoes will feature. 

The very first shoe style I have found to be everywhere, would be Mules which are characterized by their exposed heel and come in all types of heel heights. These are classy, sensual and easy to pull off or you can incorporate these without having to go too bold or too different from your usual style.  Another shoe trend I found was the emphasis on appliques in various designs.  From floral designs, cutouts, mesh accents, laser lace, to butterflies. These can be subtle or bold and colorful. Last but not least I saw a wide variety of ankle cuff shoes.  They are in fact more comfortable than one may think; they are available in normal flats or heels. The cuffs around ones ankle makes the shoe less susceptible to slipping and or sprains and are a highly wearable edgy or elegant design. Be sure to check out The Right Shoe so you can fulfill the trends for this year and be comfortable while wearing them.

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