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Hi, We Are Your Feet

After a life of carrying your weight on our ankles, it’s time we properly meet. We afeetsmilere your feetsmile2feet. You may think you know about us, but I bet there is a lot you don’t. Did you know that we, your feet, each have 26 bones 33 joints and over 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A quarter or ¼ of the bones found in the human body are found the feet, and for good reason, we need it! The average person walks about 115,000 miles in their lifetime, taking up to 9,000 (or more) steps a day! An average day of walking can bring a couple hundred tons bearing down on us, similar to the weight of a fully loaded cement truck. We really do work hard to for you, but we (usually) like it, especially walking, which is the best exercise for us. But alas, we can get overworked and tend to get cranky when we do! It gets really annoying being squished into shoes that we don’t fit in, give us enough support, or just don’t make sense…like those pointy ones with the high heels!
75% of Americans will experience some sort of problem with us in their life, be it pain,bunions, or even warts! So it is very important you pay attention and listen to what we have to say, women especially, because ladies, you make up the majority when it comes to our problems (blame the high heels). Shoe selection is important to us. Most people out there are not wearing the right size shoe, and that’s makes us uncomfortable and sometimes very unhappy! Getting fitted every time you buy us shoes is VERY important because we continue to grow and change throughout the course of your life. Just because we were a size 7 in high school doesn’t mean we are elephantnow!!
Another thing we don’t like is walking out in public with no protection. We see you there with your sunscreen on, protecting your skin, but did you know we are in danger too? Walking around barefoot can leave us, exposed to different bacteria and fungi. plantar warts and athlete’s foot are not pretty, so please protect us.

We are here to support you all day long, every day of your life. Just a little attentionouch feet and care can go a long way in showing your appreciation. And remember: we are the foundation of your body; when we aren’t happy, you aren’t happy. And trust me, if you don’t treat us right, we will be sure to let you know.


  1. I love how you wrote this article Mandy. Funny

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