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Standing At Your Desk

Standing at your desk, how do your feet feel about that?
A new trend has been sweeping the office environment like a wild fire. People are making the jump from sitting all day to standing at their desks. With the health risks of sitting including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and early death, it makes sense that people all over are making this jump. But what is it doing to our feet, and how do you help keep them feeling good as well? Standing also causes complications with health, your foot health, but alas there are ways to keep your feet happy as well as the rest of your body. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind if you have or are  deciding to take the plunge out of your chair.

* Keep your knees slightly bent
* Keep your arms at a 90 Degree angle
*Keep your Wrists in a neutral position
* Shift your weight occasionally from side to side
* Make sure your monitor is eye level and in front of you
* Keep your screen at a 20 degree angle and about 20 inches from your facestanding

Now let’s talk a little about why. Of course the NO HEELS thing is easy. Heels are terrible for your feet, so if you’re going to be standing all day, why put your feet through the torture of heels? When it comes to keeping your knees bent, doing this keeps pressure off your back and allows better circulation through your legs. And keeping your arms at a 90 degree angle and keeping your wrist neutral helps to keep strain off your shoulders, neck, and joints. Also keeping your screen at the right position keeps strain off your neck as well. Be sure to keep a chair close so you can take periodic sitting breaks to give your amazing feet the rest they deserve!Happy Feet

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