9 Fun Facts About Shoes and Feet

1. Shoe sizes were first established in the year 1324! in England by King Edward II. He declared in 1324 that the diameter of one barley corn (one third of an inch) would represent one full shoe size. This this standard of measure is still used today!!
2. The best-secomme-des-garcons-shoeslling shoe size in the US is an 8.5 for women and a 10.5 for men. Those numbers are both up a full size from 30 years ago.
3. If you think you know your foot size most likely you could be off, 85% of people underestimate their size by at least a half size.
4. Most people don’t realize that your foot size can increase 1 ½ sizes or more throughout your adult life. As you age, your feet are likely to flatten out causing an increase in length and/or width. Other factors such as changes in weight, surgery, and pregnancy can also impact your foot size.
5. Compared to fingernails, toenails grow much more slowly. They grow about 1 mm a month, where fingernails can grow an average of 0.1 mm a day. Did you know it can take up to 5-6 months to grow an entirely new toenail? Your toenails also aids to clue in doctors on whether you are anemic (spoon shaped indentations) psoriasis (pits in your nail surface) or even poor blood circulation (hairless toes).
6. Did you know each foot contains about 250,000 sweat glands? People think that if your feet sweat that is what causes them to smell. However that isn’t true your socks and shoes trap odor causing bacteria which thrives in dark and damp environments.
7. Ancient Romans were the first to construct distinct left and right shoes. Before that shoes could be worn on either foot.
8. The average woman walks more than 3 miles more per day than the average male.
9. People always think baby’s feet are so cute, but did you know there might be a reason for that? All babies are born with a pad of fat where the arch in an adult foot would be. Children’s arches don’t usually appear until the child is about 2-2 ½ years old!

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  1. It is lucky that toe nails grow much more slowly than finger nails as they are more hassle to cut.

    • Yes, they can be a hassle to cut, however it is important to not neglect them as some health concerns could result. Thanks for commenting!!

  2. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh