Red Carpet: Fashion vs Comfort


Emily bluntCelebrity icons can be pretty influential. Whether it be politics, hairstyles, or fashion; celebrities tend to be trend setters. With all this influence on society it is alarming to see award show after award show with women cramming their feet into these minimally supportive, extra high heels.KerryWashington  After watching the Oscars on Sunday night and listening to the after show interviews it is clear to me that most of them don’t enjoy it themselves. Alicia Vikander, who won an Oscar, was interviewed post show. When asked what she planned on doing afterward she said the first thing was getting out her shoes and slipping into a comfortable pair. A lot of other attendees were on the same page as her, seen at after parties with more sensible shoes.

But why wear them in the first place? Why torture yourself for hours, why not show up in a nice comfy dress flat? Unfortunately that is usually not an option. Last year at a red carpet event in Cannes, people were banned from the event if they were not wearing high heels! This of course caused controversy and utter anger from women around the world. The director of the event eventually came out saying that was not true, but many event goers insisted that this happened and eventually were let in after lots of complaints, and with good reason! Even if there aren’t any rules about shoes a lot of celebrities are pressured into wearing high heels to keep up with the “in” styles of fashion.

julianne-moore-feetSometimes trying to keep up with the fashions of Hollywood can and usually do end badly for the wearer’s feet. Many female icons have foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes, due to prolonged high heel usage. There are even different cosmetic surgeries done in Hollywood to make wearing these ridiculous shoes easier. Podiatrists around the world suggest that you never get cosmetic surgery on your feet, foot surgery should only be done if it is absolutely necessary, not for looks. But still the demand and pressure is high and celebrities continue to wear impractical shoes and suffer for it. kate-moss-feetBeing fashion icons, celebrities are very influential and as the rest of the population tries to mirror these trends, the higher the statistics go up for foot problems and deformities. But not all celebrities are just blindly following trends, some are starting to fight the war against bad shoes!

Victoria Beckham who once tweeted “I can’t concentrate in flat shoes,” and suffers herself from bunions, is jumping on the comfy shoe bandwagon and now vows never to wear ridiculous high heels again (for the most part). She told The Telegraph “I just can’t do heels anymore. At least not when I’m working… Clothes have to be simple and comfortable.” Victoria’s new fashion line is dedicated to comfort as well as style. I think it’s great that she is using her influence to spread awareness on this continuing issue and trying to make feet around the world more comfortable!Victoria Beckfeet

When looking for a dressy heel don’t sacrifice comfort for style, there are heels out there that have both! Try looking for something with a shorter, wider based heel and arch support. Make sure your toes have plenty of room to avoid increasing your chance for foot deformities and pain. Don’t fear, just follow those quick tips and you are already on the right track of mixing fashion and comfort.Passage Black






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