Venus vs Tide

Summer is here and that means it’s flip flop season once again!

summersunThe weather is warming up and more toes are coming out. People are starting to get out more and more, soaking up  the vitamin D. Outside activities increase significantly in the summer, and so does the demand for supportive and stylish footwear. Technology is constantly changing, evolving, getting better, and so is the world of footwear. Footwear brands like Vionic and Aetrex have integrated style and support to bring to you  revolutionary comfort and fashion to flip flops! You read that right, flip flops that are good for your feet!

Each brand offers a unique type of support that feels completely different from one another. On a daily basis I get asked “Which is better?”, but I can’t really answer that without asking more questions. One is simply not better than the other, they just work differently every person and every foot problem.  A part of my job is to educate my clients on what that difference is and what would work better for their needs. Two “go-to” styles for us are the Aetrex Venus and the Vionic Tide.

Venus_AquaVenus from Aetrex is a new style this year, and it does not disappoint. With its beach ready design, and unique Aetrex arch support, this style is a must have. The arch support on this style is a softer design compared to Vionic’s “harder” arch support. Venus offers an arch the hits further back, which is actually more anatomically correct. This arch placement is made to hit where the bones actually build the arch and not just on the fatty tissue of the arch. This flip flop is also more flexible and cushioned mid-sole.

The Tide by Vionic is a completely different feel than the Venus. The Tide offers more of an “orthotic” feel. This flip flop features a really sturdy arch support and deep heel cup. This design is made to offload pressure in the heel, and keep your plantar fascia (arch) from stretching/ over working itself which can lead to heel and arch pain. It also helps align your ankles, knees, hips, and back. The out-sole and mid-sole on the Tide is a little sturdier, and not as flexible as the Venus by Aetrex.

Both styles are beach ready with straps that are “water-ready”! Remember every foot and person is different, and it’s really about what feels best to whoever is wearing them. Keep in mind that getting your correct size in both these sandals are key to arch placement, if the arch isn’t in the right place it won’t feel good. Also with both of these sandals they recommend a break in period. Typically to break those in you will have to wear them about an hour or two the first day, two to four the next, and slowly increase the hours every day you wear them. Some people can get used to the support right away and others take time, again everyone is different so don’t rush the comfort!


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