Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season is full of joy and wonder. It’s a time of giving and being grateful for what you have. From families getting together to great food and lovely company, the holidays sure are my favorite time of the year. Preparing for the holidays for most people means going out shopping. Shopping for food, party stuff, gifts and much more. A lot of shopping can be done online, but there are … [Read more...]

All About Compression

  Our feet are our foundation. They are what keep us moving. Learning to treat your feet with respect is really important for your overall health. Face it, if your feet hurt everything hurts! We have talked many times about the benefits of great shoes, now it’s time to talk about socks. I’m not just going to talk about any socks, today I am talking about compression socks. In my line of … [Read more...]

What Worn Shoes Say About You

Our feet and shoes take a beating every day. With the average American taking 8,000 steps a day it’s no wonder our shoes can wear quickly. Here I see the different wear patterns on shoes, and most of the time I get a pretty good idea of what’s going on. The wear pattern of a shoe can be an indicator about your health and feet. This prompted me to do a little more research on the subject (I love … [Read more...]

Surviving Long Hours On Your Feet

  Coming from a retail and service background I understand the pain associated with working long hours on your feet. At a job where I’m expected to stand, lift, bend, twist and more for over 8 hours a day. Standing on the job is great for your feet, if you treat them right. Problems can arise from foot neglect during a long day at work. Lots of jobs require employees to be on their feet for … [Read more...]

Yoga For Your Feet

Yoga for your feet? Yes! Yoga is great. It’s a great stress reliever, and can help your mind, body, and soul. It can also help your feet! I was amazed to find so many great yoga stretches that help relieve foot pain and fallen arches. The key to fallen arches is stretching to strengthen and lengthen the muscle. There are a lot of problems that can occur due to fallen arches such as: tendonitis, … [Read more...]

Home Remedies for Your Feet

Modern medicine has come a long way from where it started at the beginning of human kind. Our number one instinct as a species is to stay alive; so developing medicine, cures, and even something as simple as a home remedy has helped mankind thrive. Home remedies have been around pretty much forever. People have come up with some crazy remedies for common ailments, and some of them are amazingly … [Read more...]

A Not-So Stinky Summer

(A guide to help keep your feet stink-free this summer) Summer time is the time to let your toes free. Flip flops and sandals are must-wear styles in the summer, to keep your feet nice and cool in those warm months. Just because your feet are free doesn’t mean they are ODOR free. Here are a few things that are a must to keep the stink at bay this summer. Wash your feet EVERY DAY Washing your … [Read more...]

The Right Running Shoe for You

  The warmer months are among us, temperatures and outdoor activities are increasing. When doing certain activities, it’s very important to make sure you have the right shoe for the job. From hiking in the woods to running on the street, there are specific shoes to help you complete these activities with less chance of injury. It’s pretty obvious if you’re going to be running you will need a … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Your Feet

In America 9.3% of the population is diagnosed with diabetes, and another 27% who go undiagnosed. That’s more than 30% of people who are at risk for serious issues including foot problems. Often the case, people with diabetes start to lose feeling in their toes and feet. This can lead to blisters and wounds on the feet going unnoticed, uncared for, and can start to develop ulcers. Other diabetics … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet happens to the best of us, it’s a fact of nature, we sweat. It doesn’t help the fact that while wearing most shoes, the sweat is trapped and can start to smell. Excessive sweaty feet is known as hyperhidrosis. Luckily there are things you can do to help you with this annoying problem. Some say the easiest way to stop sweaty feet is antiperspirant spray, and that might be true. But I’m … [Read more...]