Treat Your Feet At Home

We have been hearing a lot of horror stories lately about how unsafe and unsanitary it can be to go to a salon. You have to be careful when choosing a spa; always make sure you ask about their sanitation methods. But there is an easier and safer way to treat your feet, and that is at home! In the comfort of your own sanctum, you can give your feet the treatment they deserve. Face it, we do use and abuse our feet all day why not treat them to a safe spa day. All you need is a couple things to get you started, and then you can give your feet spa days more often.

Wooden Tub

big bowl

Plastic Tub

 For every foot spa you’ll need, the spa. A big bowl or small tub that is deep enough to be able to submerge your feet in water but not spill any. My personal favorite is the wooden tub. To prepare a traditional soak fill the tub appropriately with water and add scented bubble bath and oil to your water. It is your choice on the oil you use; peppermint oil is good for reviving feet, and lavender oil is good for soothing them. You can find specific foot oil mixes in stores and online. Make sure you do your research and   find the one that would most benefit you.

Almond and milk soaks are great if you want soft feet. Before you do a milk soak, make sure your feet are very clean so that you can benefit the best with this soak. Same as before fill the tub with an appropriate amount of water but then you add one cup of powdered milk, dairy or soy your choice. Finish the mix off with some almond oil and mix thoroughly.

If you swell, add a handful Epsom salts or baking soda to either soak.

Now that it is prepared, time to start soaking. For the traditional way, soak your feet for 10 minutes. For the milk soak make sure you soak for 15 minutes and do not rinse afterwards. After your soak use a clean towel to thoroughly dry your feet, don’t forget between your toes. Clean all the dirt from out of your toenails, and cut them (remember to cut straight across to avoid ingrown toenails). Now that your feet are dry and clean time to give them a massage, yes they are getting the full treatment at Home Del La Spa. Use a rich balm or exfoliating cream and rub in gently while massaging it in. You can make your own cream at home mixing these ingredients together (one spoon each) unscented body oil, aloe vera gel, kosher salts and whole oats. If you want your feet softer you can use a pumice stone or foot rubber to soften them some more. While massaging your feet, look for anything new on your feet such as growths, warts, corns, blisters, calluses, or anything unusual.

Almost done. Time to rub off the exfoliate with a towel and rinse of the excess in the tub you used for the soak. Now rub your favorite lotion on your feet and paint your nails to finish off the spa day! Your feet will look and feel refreshed all from home! Treat your feet with something sweet.

spa feet


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